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Event Series Heavy Game Tuesdays!

Heavy Game Tuesdays!

Capstone Games

We are starting up a new board game night for Tuesday nights through the summer. This time will be dedicated to the heavy, complex board games. Feel free to bring something you would like to get played or just show up and join in the fun!

Event Series Netrunner- Open Play Day!

Netrunner- Open Play Day!

Capstone Games

Join us for a FREE Netrunner play event! Are you ready to jack in? You are a Corp, trying to advance your agendas to maximize profits, all the while protecting your servers from the runners trying to take it all away... ...Or you are a Runner, trying to use all the tools at your disposal […]

FaB: Heavy Hitter Draft!

Capstone Games

Join us for a FaB Heavy Hitters draft. $20 buy in, which includes 3 packs for drafting, 1 pack for prize support, attendance promos, and enters you in the raffle for a cold foil and playmat!