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Component Issues & Missing Part Requests

Using this form, you can report issues with the components of any Capstone Games or Simply Complex game you have purchased as a new game.

Out of Print Games Notice

The following list of games are Out of Print and Capstone does not offer missing piece support for these products.

  • The Estates
  • BUS
  • Ragusa
  • Race for the Chinese Zodiac
  • Arkwright
  • Lignum
  • Three Kingdoms Redux
  • Magnastorm
  • Haspelckneckt and Expansions
  • Fuji
  • Wildcatters

Home Office Notice

I am now working out of a home office (around 2 hours from the Capstone Warehouse).  I have a majority of the pieces that we need and a comprehensive set of pieces for all new games.  That being said in the case of: a more niche game or piece replacement request or high demand of certain parts there may be a delay as we may only have the requisite pieces at the warehouse.  I am usually at the warehouse every other week, but sometimes only once a month.  I appreciate your patience as I work to get better at handling missing piece demand remotely!