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Starfinder Society 3-04: The Vast Experiment: Falling into Deliverance

Capstone Games

RSVP: The Starfinder Society has entered into a partnership to develop a brand new line of starship. To start this endeavor, the partnered corporation requests the Society retrieve an important scientist from a research station in the Vast. When the PCs arrive at their destination, they quickly learn the facility has suffered some sort […]

Event Series Netrunner- Open Play Day!

Netrunner- Open Play Day!

Capstone Games

Join us for a FREE Netrunner play event! Are you ready to jack in? You are a Corp, trying to advance your agendas to maximize profits, all the while protecting your servers from the runners trying to take it all away... ...Or you are a Runner, trying to use all the tools at your disposal […]

Learn to DM Dungeons & Dragons

Capstone Games

RSVP: Learn to Dungeon Master Dungeons & Dragons! Run your own games! Learn to become a successful DM/GM through this workshop! Ever wanted to run a game, but weren't sure if you were ready to start? Got some friends that want to try D&D, but the group is missing a DM? For the $10 […]

Pathfinder Society 2E Intro: Year of Unfettered Exploration

Capstone Games

RSVP: It's time to explore! With the Society coming off of their recent victory in finally defeating an old enemy, they choose to turn to refocus on the goals of the Pathfinder Society: Explore! Report! Cooperate! As a celebration for such a successful year, there's a party being hosted with all sorts of friends […]