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Camp Capstone

Recap Camp Capstone

Capstone Games Discord Server Code of Conduct

Capstone Games wants to create a safe and welcoming gaming table for everyone to enjoy. We will operate our Discord server and games under the following guidelines. Treat others at the table as you want to be treated and don’t be a jerk.

We do not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. Participants reported or caught violating this policy will be removed from the server at the discretion of capstone-games and its agents.

We define harassment is any unwanted contact, which includes (but is not limited to): physical or verbal threats; unwelcome attention; stalking; unwanted video, photo, or recording; offensive behavior; behavior that creates a disturbance or is dangerous; using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct; excessive profanity; obscene gestures; use of racial, religious, sexual, political, gender, ability, ethnic slurs, or any other targeted comments which are intended to cause personal offense to another participant, either in-person at the event or through social media channels.

Individuals finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with show policies should immediately contact a capstone-games admin in discord or via the website contact form, so that the matter can be handled promptly.