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The Climbers
The Climbers
The Climbers
The Climbers
The Climbers
The Climbers
The Climbers

The Climbers

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Use the blocks to build your way to the top! 2-5 Players, 40 Minutes




About The Climbers

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They gazed at the large structure of colorful blocks neatly stacked before them. The goal was simple: climb to the highest level possible. Getting there was more challenging than originally thought. Only one climber will make it to the top. Will it be you?

Your goal is to climb to the highest level of the structure. To help with your climb, you may move and rotate blocks. Ladders can be used to climb large distances. Your blocking disk will prevent other players from using a specific block. Use your tools wisely and at the right time to make the best possible moves in your adventure to the top!


Game Overview

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1 Review

5.00 out of 5

Holger Lanz

June 8th, 2020

This post's average rating is: 5

Thats from the inventor himself.

For a better play with 2 Players, try these rules:

> Don´t built a starting tower – just place the core-Blocks, then take your choice out of the box
> Use the whole item-stock! Everybody take a second blocker-disc from the stock and play with 2 of them. You may use both in one round
> Everybody starts with 2 small and 2 large ladders
> When in one round nobody climbs, each player pay as punishment an item of his choice. When there´s no item left, the game ends immediadely

The Climbers Seilschaften

> For the play with 6, 8 or 10 players in teams of 2
> Duration: depending of numbers of players between 60 and 120 min
> Required: 2 x The Climbers
>> Goal: The highest scoring team wins. 1 step = 1 point. The points of both Climbers are added – the highest score makes it.
> Build a block around the 4 standing core-blocks (nearly 2x the start-block as on the pic before)
> Form teams of 2 and sit down in this sequence: 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5
> Everybody gets his ladders and blocker-disc
First goal:
> Meet up with your partner on the same block.
> From this point on, both players can use all ladders, blocker-discs and Climbers as they like.
Special rule for blocker disc:
> When a player place a blocker-disc, his partner can deceide to remove it or wait until the entire round.

Try out and enjoy! Holger

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