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Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City
Tangram City

Tangram City

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Puzzle a harmonious city worthy of the queen to collect the most points 1-5 players, 30 minutes


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About Tangram City

Long ago, in a beautiful eastern kingdom, a queen summoned her city planners to build her people magnificent new cities. Tradition calls for harmony between the human and natural realms, with the shape of a rectangle viewed as ideal for building fortification. The city planners set out to build new cities for their queen. Who will build the best city and be rewarded with all the riches of the kingdom?

In Tangram City, you place city tiles on your board using secret information about what city tile will come up next. As the city tiles are double-sided, plan your layout with the goal of harmony and the shape of a rectangle in mind. At the end of a round, you receive points for the largest rectangle on the board, and at the end of the game, bonus points for harmony between the realms.

Game Updates

This is a preorder for Tangram City.

Tangram City has completed the manufacturing process and is en-route to our warehouse in Cincinnati, OH. We anticipate receiving the container in April and will ship all preorders at that time.

Thank you for preordering Tangram City!

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