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Ascend on the tracks and manage your city! 2-4 Players, 60 Minutes




About RISE

In RISE, you are responsible for the economic and social development of a city. In addition, you must also nurture the well-being of the citizens. Can you balance industrial progress and environmental pollution to keep your citizens happy and content? You will need money to further develop the city…but how much will you raise taxes and rent to do so?

A multitude of different options await you in RISE to make these life-changing choices. Experience the great challenges with over 1,000 unique combinations that the variable game setup can provide! Navigate your way through new actions and events each game to make RISE the city of everyone’s dreams.

Game Updates

This is a pre-order for RISE, debuting at Spiel in Essen.

RISE is being manufactured at NSF in the Netherlands with a completion scheduled for end of September. Once finished, the games will be transported to the Capstone Games warehouse in Cincinnati, OH with an estimated arrival date in late October. Once here, the games will be shipped out to preorder customers!

Shipping is only available in USA & Canada.

0 Reviews

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