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Phantom Sleeves Playmat

Phantom Sleeves Playmat

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Sleeve Finder Playmat Find the right sleeve size for your cards


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About Phantom Sleeves Playmat

Identify the correct card sleeve for your game

To use the Sleeve Finder, simply place your card on the bottom left corner of the card chart. Once placed there, you will look for the color that closely fits your card along the top and right side of the card. The colored rectangles on the Sleeve Finder are the exact size of the CARD that the sleeve is designed to fit (i.e. the colored rectangles are not the size of the physical sleeve).

Once you have identified the closest color to your card size, you have found the correct sleeve product that fits your card! All of the Phantom Sleeve products are named after a memorable color.

On this Sleeve Finder, we also included a chart with more information about the specific color code for your card. This includes the card style (which is a generic compatibility identifier to compare to other card sizes) and the product SKU for each of the 3 finishes of sleeves available in that color. In the last column of the Sleeve Finder, we included the specific card size designed for each of the colors. With the ruler on the card chart, you can measure your card size and compare it to the card size that is designed to fit into the specific sleeve.

0 Reviews

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