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Glass Road
Glass Road
Glass Road
Glass Road
Glass Road
Glass Road

Glass Road

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Travel the Road with Uwe Rosenberg 1-4 Players, 20 Minutes per Player





About Glass Road

The Glass Road is a 150-mile long path in Germany traversing through the Bavarian Forest near the border of the Czech Republic. It is a reminder of the great times of glass production. When you travel along the Glass Road today, you can still feel the heat of this handcraft that was omnipresent in many arborous areas in the Early Modern period…

In Uwe Rosenberg’s classic resource management and tile placement game, players take on the role of medieval glass-makers tasked with the production of glass and bricks. Over four building periods (game rounds), players will use their identical hands of 15 Specialists and attempt to outwit and outplay their opponents as they develop their landscape, gather resources, and erect prominent buildings and structures to keep their business and profits flowing.

Mastering the balance of knowing the best Specialist card to play and being flexible when playing it — together with assembling a clever combination of buildings — is the key to success in Glass Road!


Promos Included!

The Harlequin card and 5 building promo tiles are all included in Glass Road!

The Harlequin is a Specialist card that adds to the solo gaming experience.

The 5 building tiles include: The Christmas Market, the Enclosure, the Renovation, the Guest House, and Oktoberfest.


Game Updates

This is a preorder for Glass Road

Glass Road is currently in production. All artwork and files have been approved by the factory. The images you see on this product page for Glass Road are reflective of the final product. The factory is scheduled for production to be complete at the end of June. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery to the fulfillment centers, shown below. Your preorder will be shipped by one of these fulfillment centers, depending on the country where you reside:

USA: Capstone Games in Cincinnati, OH
Canada: Lion Rampant Imports in Brantford, ON
Asia: VFI in Fujian, China
Australia & New Zealand: Aetherworks in St. Peters, AU
Europe: Not available (please purchase from Feuerland Spiele)

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