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Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

5.00 out of 5
(1 Reviews)
Show off your inventions at the first World's Fair in London 1851 2-5 players, 120 Minutes

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About Crystal Palace

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In Crystal Palace, each player represents a nation during the first World’s Fair of 1851 in London. To make sure that your country attracts everyone’s attention, you are going to showcase spectacular inventions and recruit the brightest, most influential minds of your time!

Crystal Palace is a dice-placement game where the players determine the status of their dice at the beginning of each round. The higher the number, the better — but it comes at a price. Over the course of the game, dice are placed on 8 action locations in a competition for the best resources, patents, and brains.

In a world of slightly weird inventions, you will meet people like Phileas Fogg, Levi Strauss, and Amelia Edwards, and invent gadgets such as the Thinking Machine, the Beer Glass Counter, or the Climate Changer.

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1 Review

5.00 out of 5

Jonathan and Ashley Bobal

August 11th, 2020

This post's average rating is: 5

Crystal Palace Review
 Modular Board
– —Instead of worrying about covering up spaces, there are additional boards to substitute for different player counts.
– —They are also in pieces, so you can arrange them to fit your unique seating and table arrangement, which is awesome! You can go long and wide, tall, or even a big circle!

 Player Boxes
– —They could have been cheap screens, but you get a box for each of the 5 player colors which can store their materials too!

 Unique Art and Text
– —All cards have unique art! They also have actual facts and fun flavor text about the inventors and prototypes!

 Asymmetric Player Boards
– —10 different countries, with their own time accurate flag, with their own goals to achieve.

 Unique Approach to Dice
– —The dice are your workers. Spots on the board have different die value thresholds to place there. You secretly pick their numbers, higher is better, but then you also pay more money for those higher number workers!
– —Do you need something, so you pay the big bucks to make sure you get to that spot?
– —Do you put low numbers, and save money, and just end up with leftovers?
– —What numbers are the opponents going to pick?

 Inventor and Invention Combos
– —The inventors have linked numbers that correspond to prototypes, leading to further considerations when choosing a card.
– —There is already a bonus on the cards, but do you get something you didn’t originally want, so you can get the combo bonus?

 London Times
– —Something to plan for ahead of time, like a daily quest!
– —You know that having a few extra newspapers in a round or two will give you a bonus, so you plan for that and get them now.

 Bonuses and Round Income
– —Lots of ways to get little things here and there, that add up!
– —Get income of a lightbulb every round, or just get 3 dollars right now?

 Filling your board
– —Getting benefits and preventing negative points, so a double win!

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