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Clinic: Biohazard

Clinic: Biohazard

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Dispose and recycle the refuse produced when patients are treated. 1-4 Players, 120 Minutes



About Clinic: Biohazard

Clinic: Biohazard — The final expansion for the Clinic: Deluxe Edition series!

This final expansion focuses on the disposal and recycling of all the refuse produced when patients are treated. Clinic: Biohazard is compatible with all expansions and modules as it depends on having Nurses and Orderlies from the base game. If you can include Janitors from The Extension 1, you can experience the full vision of this expansion’s game design. Janitors already have a lot of challenging work, but as CEO of your clinic, a new role to their job description has been added: They must tend to biohazards!

0 Reviews

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