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Bus: Complete Edition
Bus: Complete Edition
Bus: Complete Edition
Bus: Complete Edition
Bus: Complete Edition

Bus: Complete Edition

5.00 out of 5
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Expand your bus line and maybe stop time in this worker placement classic! 3-5 Players, 90 Minutes


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About Bus: Complete Edition

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Beep! Beep!

Bus: Complete Edition is a game about developing a public transport network in a rapidly expanding city. The citizens commute between home, the office, and, most importantly, the pub. Your task as a player is to develop a busline which takes as many passengers as possible to the place they want to be. You do this by expanding your busline, developing new suburbs, luring new potential passengers to the city, and investing in more and more buses! But you can also try to ride just a bit earlier than other companies and steal their passengers away.

Sometimes, something unexpected happens: time comes to a standstill and, all of a sudden, the demand for transportation is completely different. But you cannot let this happen too often, as the space-time continuum will rupture and the universe will collapse, thus ending the game.

Complete Edition

Bus: Complete Edition features the same classic gameplay in Bus, now with all wooden game pieces! All of the building locations (home, office, and pub) are wooden discs. The wooden Start Player Bus is also included.

Game Updates

This is a pre-order for Bus: Complete Edition.

The factory will finish production mid-June at which time we will ship the games to our warehouse. We anticipate being able to ship your pre-order 2 months after the games leave the factory, which is mid-August. Once received, we will immediately ship all orders.

Please check back here for any further shipping updates on your pre-order.

Thank you for pre-ordering Bus: Complete Edition!

We will have a limited amount of Bus: Complete Edition during Spiel at the Spielworxx booth!

We are not offering a pick-up option for Spiel. We hope to see you there. We will update this section with the Booth Number for Spiel when it becomes available.

For those that have our 2019 Retail version of Bus, we will have an Upgrade Kit available to you as we get closer to the release date of Complete Edition. Please ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter (form at the bottom) for early access to the Upgrade Kit.

Game Overview

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1 Review

5.00 out of 5


May 7th, 2024

This post's average rating is: 5

In my opinion, Bus is one of the greatest games of all time, my favorite Splotter game, and currently in my top 10. It’s a worker-placement game with limited turns that is both strategic for the heavy gamer, and yet, accessable to almost anyone. Love that they are reprinting the game so more people can experience it.

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