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Ark Nova: Marine Worlds

Ark Nova: Marine Worlds

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Add new animals, enclosures, and action cards to Ark Nova 2-4 Players, 120 Minutes




About Ark Nova: Marine Worlds

Marine Worlds introduces sea animals into your zoo! To accommodate them, you need to build aquariums, a new kind of special enclosure.

A new University allows you guaranteed access to 1 animal icon of your choice.

For the 5 original action cards, there are now 4 alternate versions, each with small bonuses! Replace 2 of your action cards with alternate versions at the start of the game to give yourself a familiar, yet different game.

Marine Worlds includes new Zoo cards, Final Scoring cards, and Bonus tiles to mix with those from the base game.

New wooden components for the Appeal, Conservation, and Reputation tracks and a set of wooden animals to use for supporting conservation projects makes your game of Ark Nova come to life!

Enhance your experience of Ark Nova with Marine Worlds!

Ark Nova is required to play this expansion.

Game Updates

This is a preorder for Ark Nova: Marine Worlds.

Ark Nova: Marine Worlds is in the manufacturing process and will be shipped to our warehouse in Cincinnati, OH in September. We anticipate receiving the shipment in early October. Once received, we will ship all orders immediately. Refer to this section for any further updates.

Thank you for preordering Ark Nova: Marine Worlds!


For customers in Europe, Ark Nova: Marine Worlds will be available at Essen in October.

For customers in Asia and Oceania, please reach out to your local game store.

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